Paying for Heroin Rehab in New Jersey

Going to a heroin rehab in New Jersey could save your life! The damages to your mind, your body, and the risk of legal trouble shouldn’t be ignored. Spending money on drugs is expensive, and you are much better off putting that money towards getting clean. For many though, going to heroin rehab in New Jersey means they can’t work and they often stress about the cost of the program.

Paying for it shouldn’t prevent you from going, and there are options to think about. What is available depends on where you go and what services you have available. Talk to the business office to see what possibilities may help your given scenario. Removing this barrier so you can obtain treatment and not worry about the cost can help you to focus on getting better.

Private Insurance Coverage for Treatment Programs

If you have insurance, find out if they cover drug rehab services in New Jersey. Many of them do, but you will need to call and find out. There may be restrictions about the type of program you can attend, they may need some documents from the facility, and you will have to be making progress there for them to continue to pay for it. There can be other terms and conditions, but this can help to pay for the bulk of the treatment. The amount left for you to pay will depend on the coverage and it should be discussed with you.

Government Addiction Treatment Programs

You may qualify for government programs to pay for all or part of your heroin rehab in New Jersey. This can be a huge burden off of your shoulders. There can be a great deal of paperwork involved in getting into such a program, but don’t let that discourage you. Make an appointment to discuss your needs and to obtain the paperwork you need. If you need help with the  paperwork, they often have volunteers and advocates that will assist.

Sliding Scale Programs for Heroin Addiction Treatment

There are sliding scale programs that are based on your income. You will need to complete all of the paperwork and submitted supporting financial documents for New Jersey. This can include you tax returns, pay stubs, the number of household members, and verify your other bills. They use a calculation formula to determine how much you will need to pay. This is based on your income and the expenses they allow.

Self Paying for Drug Rehab

If you can afford to do so, and you don’t have other resources, you can go with a self pay plan. This allows you to pay with case or a credit card for your time in heroin rehab in New Jersey. It is best to look at other options to help you though before you agree to a self pay option. The cost of rehab services can add up quickly, and such debt can be a trigger for you to regress to old habits.

Payment Plans for Addiction Treatment

Even if you have a portion of the cost to pay, don’t stress if you don’t have it all at once. Most drug treatment facilities are more concerned with the care of patients than the money. Talk to them about payment plans they may offer. This can help you to break up what you do owe them into installments where you pay a reasonable amount each month until it is paid in full.

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