Get a Green Card Attorney in Springfield to with your Appeal

It can be disappointing and upsetting when your immigration application is denied. Rather than throwing in the towel or staying in the country illegally, you need to seek an immigration lawyer in Springfield that can help. An attorney with the right skills can help you to file your appeal. This allows your visa application to be looked at a second time. It is worth a shot because so often, the denial is based on mistakes.

Hindsight is 20/20 and you may not have thought you needed a green card attorney in Springfield to help when you first filed. Now that you have the denial, you may feel otherwise. You don’t have to be embarrassed to reach out for help from an immigration lawyer though. These attorneys want to help you and they want to find out what they can offer that may make a difference in regards to your specific case.

Get Moving at Getting a Visa Attorney

The appeal process is time sensitive, and the clock is ticking. You must file it by the given deadline or you won’t be able to. This would mean the need to submit a brand new citizenship application in Springfield and you are starting from scratch. Get moving finding a qualified immigration attorney who can help you with the appealing your green card. Any lawyer will need as much time as possible to consult with you and get it done. Reaching out as soon as possible helps to reduce the risk of being up against the clock.

Go through the Information

In order to help you submit a successful appeal for immigration status, the attorney will need to go through the information with you. They will schedule an appointment to discuss what you filled out. They may discover you have the wrong filing status or you have missing information. They may discover you answered some questions wrong because you didn’t fully understand what was being asked.

An immigration law firm will review the letter with the denial as it will give them insight as to why the application was denied. Their goal is to find laws and information to offer additional details that change that verdict into your favor. This could include supplying documents that were missing when you submitted your initial application. Any attorney for immigration should go through all of it with a fine toothed comb so nothing is overlooked. Make sure you fully disclose information with them so they can help.

Filing the Appeals with Your Migration Lawyer

A green card attorney in Springfield will understand the right way to file an appeal. They aren’t going to turn it in without it all being complete. There needs to be compelling information that will sway the decision the other way. They know what the approval process takes and they can identify what is missing. They may see things you didn’t know where an issue and help you to correct them.

They will help you to file the appeal and to ensure it gets submitted on time. While their assistance won’t guarantee it gets approved this second time, it will give you the very best chance of seeing that outcome. You are taking a huge risk if you try to work through the appeal process on your own. Hiring a green card attorney in Springfield that can make all of the difference for you to be in the country legally or not.

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